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Dancing With the Daffodils


Val, an English teacher, takes an exchange position in Australia to recover from the death of his lover. He stages Romeo and Juliet at his school, and becomes close friends with Anna, the head teacher. Oliver (who plays Romeo) falls in love with Val, and although the feeling is mutual, because of his position Val cannot allow the relationship to develop.

Val struggles with his feelings, unable to come to terms with Oliver’s youthful seductive ways, and unable to reconcile his heartache over David’s death with his developing affection for Oliver, which he must reject both internally and externally. And at the same time he must make a life for himself in a country far from his friends and the world he knows. How do you decide between love and duty?

A fantastic read that takes you on a real journey. I certainly had a few tears because you could feel the pain and the joy that the characters were going through. And to top it all off there were a few steamy scenes as well.  Well worth reading!      Tee Quu    ✬✬✬✬✬


Tarion has written a very bold and original story. It was very refreshing to read something in this genre that kept me turning the pages until the end. Just wonderful!!!   Adam Bayliss    ✬✬✬✬✬


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